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Seven MUST TRY Dishes in Downtown Galveston

Updated 767 days ago

7 dishes to eat, 7 days of the week. Coincidence? Nope.

With dozens of restaurants offering an assortment of mouthwatering dishes in Galveston, narrowing it down to seven is a difficult feat. An island with some of the freshest seafood in the Gulf (Read: WORLD) is sure to have an unsurmountable number of delicious dishes straight from the sea, but to focus solely on our water-bound delicacies would be doing you a disservice (We can write a different article for that). In hopes of widening your Galveston palette and offering you a wide selection of our island’s cuisine, below are 7 dishes you can’t go wrong with in Downtown Galveston (& yes we still included some seafood!).

Here are next week’s dinner plans:

Monday: “Mission from God” -- Brews Brothers

Let’s face it. Our lives on the island might be more laid back than our brothers and sisters up in H-town, but Mondays suck for everyone. Sometimes you just need a good burger & brew to remind yourself that life doesn’t suck. Treat yourself for finishing 20% of the workweek. Brews Brothers has awesome brews (some crafted in-house), and a menu that does not disappoint. Their burger, being our focal point here, is absolutely to die for. Each and every part of this bovine delicacy makes you moan from enjoyment. From the fresh & heavenly bun to the thick & hearty 100% Angus beef burger, your Monday just got a lot better. Now go home, sleep off that foodgasm, and wake up prepped and ready to tackle Tuesday.

Tuesday: “Homemade Lasagna” -- Riondo's

While the debate is still up on which was the better Italian restaurant, Riondo's or the previous location’s tenant, Luigi’s, the tenderness and flavor of Riondo’s homemade lasagna tends to make you forget another Italian place was ever there. Everything from the lasagna noodle to the sauce is made in-house and with just the right amount of TLC. Stop by and be your own judge on which spot is the best, Riondo's or Luigi's? My vote is Lasagna…

Wednesday: “Rainbow Pad Thai” -- Oasis Juice Bar & Market

The last two nights had some heavy dinners, so to mix it up and give your digestive system a break, let me introduce you to a raw vegan’s dream (& soon to be yours), the Rainbow Pad Thai. If your culinary fantasies shudder at the thought of meatless food on an island filled with amazing seafood, step outside your comfort zone and you won’t be disappointed. Zucchini and carrot noodles, red cabbage, thinly sliced bell peppers, soy beans, and sunflower sprouts, all topped with a tasty peanut sauce. That’s a lot of veggies you probably haven’t had in a while, but JUST TRY IT. Your body and your taste buds can thank me later.

Thursday: “Muffaletta” -- Maceo Spice and Import

When it comes to a classic sandwich in Galveston, you can’t beat the taste of the muffaletta at Maceo Spice and Import. After all, flavor isn’t exactly something a spice company would lack, and with a recipe that dates back to the original New Orleans muffaleta back in the early 1900’s, nothing is more authentic. A secret family recipe backed olive dressing, fresh bread, and the perfect seasonings make it a must for all muffaletta lovers.

Friday: “Pargo Simpatico” -- Rudy & Pacos

Your week has been tough, you were overworked by a tyrant of a boss, and horrible news has come from all angles, but you have made to the weekend. Congratulations. Before blowing all that hard earned cash on car payments & rent, realize that blood, sweat, and tears aren’t shed to spend all your moolah on bills. While at a higher price point than other dishes on this list, you deserve a treat. Cue the Pargo Simpatico. I don’t speak Spanish, but with my taste buds as my translator these two words in español mean “simply amazing." A plantain encrusted, gulf caught red snapper covered with lump crab meat in a raspberry sauce make up this “to die for” dish. Supplement your entrée with a bottle-o-wine appetizer and enjoy yourself, its Friday.

Saturday: “You Tell us!?” -- Gypsy Joynt

With the workweek behind you and a need for adventure, check out a new, lightly-tested spot that is quickly creating a buzz! While new to the Galveston area, this eclectic restaurant is not new to the food industry. Relocated from the east coast after years of success, Gypsy Joynt has a menu full of options ranging from tacos to salads to pizzas, and we need your help narrowing it down to their top dishes! We’ve heard tales of burgers, cookies, sweet potato tots, and more… What is this place!? Heaven? We need your help! Comment below what you recommend and why, so our readers can learn about this new whimsical addition to our island!

Sunday: “OMG” -- Farley Girls

Sundays are brunch days, and OMG is why brunch was invented. Mimosas are great for the vitamin C, but the cornerstone to brunch is a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. HA! JK! OMG is anything but balanced and it’s perfect that way. Eggs, pancakes, and chicken fried steak prepared just like it should be, stacked on top of each other and covered in cream gravy, make the OMG into the breakfast you need. When accompanied by a few of the previously mentioned OJ beverages, for the vitamin C ofcourse, you wrap up an epic week of eating with the ultimate Sunday brunch.

Congratulations, you have made it thru a week of epic culinary indulging. Take a nap for the remainder of your Sunday, but first… Leave a note below about your favorite Galveston dish!

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Article written by Sam Davenport

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