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The Cruise Lady: Expect the Unexpected!!

Updated 1054 days ago

It’s always something – LOL! Those cruisers who sailed from Galveston last weekend expected something totally different than what they actually got!

Those aboard Carnival’s Magic expected a port day in Roatan – what they got instead was a “fun day at sea!” Cruisers aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas never expected a port day in Nassau, Bahamas – but that’s what they got – and it was all compliments of a storm named Earl!

This brings to mind a lesson that Lorraine learned ago....and of which every cruiser should be aware – ‘STUFF HAPPENS!”

Weather changes – engines malfunction – thrusters don’t thrust – ports become inaccessible - or the dreaded fog moves in blocking everything in its path – all this and more has happened – it wasn’t expected but it happened!

That’s why Lorraine and a whole heck of a lot of seasoned cruisers have learned to “be prepared for just in case” when packing. Taking a daily medication? Don’t count out just enough for the cruise, instead, throw the whole bottle in your carry-on. The ship’s infirmary is not a pharmacy! Toss in a few extra “undies” and t-shirts – your cruise mates will thank you – LOL!

Seriously, think about the things you will need for every day and add a couple more – the ship’s store carries only a limited number of toiletry and personal items and you don’t want to be caught short!

No - the UNEXPECTED does not happen very often – but EXPECT that one day it will - and be ready for it when it does!

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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