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Exclusive POV Footage of MASSIV

Updated 685 days ago

Schlitterbahn is and always has been an innovator in the waterpark industry. At Schlitterbahn Galveston Island the Guinness World Records recently named MASSIV the World’s Tallest Water Coaster. MASSIV is an impressive 81 feet 6.72 inches tall!

MASSIV is named after the German word for massive. The water coaster was built by Schlitterbahn and WhiteWater West. The water coaster is painted bright green, white, and red colors other sections are translucent. The translucent sections give waterpark visitors a look inside the “belly of the beast” sections. The propulsion MASSIV uses is Master Blaster technology invented by Schlitterbahn’s Wizard of Water, Jeff Henry. The jets use water to blast two riders uphill, not once, not twice or three times, but an impressive four uphill blasts. One of the coolest features is the never before done triple-down ending into the landing pool.

MASSIV was erected with 135 individual slide segments consisting of 203 fiberglass parts. There are 7 translucent sections. The total length is 2.5 football fields 926 feet (twice the length of any other waterslide at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island). Before you can ride MASSIV you have to climb to the entrance which is 123 steps, so don’t forget your tube! Schlitterbahn offers single and double tubes for riders at no additional charge.


Article written by Chris Aleman

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