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Revisiting Stewart Beach

Updated 759 days ago

It’s true that, for many visitors, Galveston is seen as just one big beach. But, in fact, if beach going is on your agenda, you have several choices of sandy, sun drenched playgrounds to choose from, and for many, the obvious choice is Stewart Beach.

There’s a reason why the beach located at 6th and Seawall Blvd. was named one the “10 Best Beaches for Families” by Family Vacation Critic in 2013 and it’s quite simple: there’s something for everyone at the beach that has carved out its niche as the destination for mom, dad, sis, brother, uncle and even grandma and granddad.

Let’s start with the fact that it costs just $8 to park your car, a miniscule price to pay to avoid the indignity—and possibly back breaking chore—of having to haul all of your beach stuff from some far off parking spot. As soon as your toes hit the sand and you begin gazing into the expanse of the Gulf of Mexico from the shores of Stewart Beach you’ll be struck by how much space you have to set up camp, stick your umbrella or canopy in the sand and begin letting the gulf breezes wash over you.

If you’re into sand volleyball, you’re in luck. Stewart has an abundance of courts beckoning you and the family to engage in a little spirited competition. If swimming’s your thing, you’ll be happy to see lifeguards standing vigil along the beach, and if you’re planning a birthday celebration, family reunion or any other event in which the whole gang is getting together, there’s a pavilion that could serve as the ideal venue. Keep in mind that alcohol is not permitted, so bring a big ol’ jug of iced tea or lemonade—and plenty of water, of course—and you’ll do just fine. And don’t forget Fido; he deserves a little beach time and pets are always welcome at Stewart Beach.

In the event that the kids need a break from the surf, there’s also a playground that provides a dose of excitement while also affording the adults a little “alone time.” Your trusty old beach hat has seen better days? Your flip flops have finally flopped? Not to worry, with concession stands, a gift shop and chair and umbrella rentals right on the beach, you’ll be good to go.

But as every beachcomber knows, the only downside of a day at the beach is that sandy, gritty feeling you’re left with as you climb back into the car for the ride home. But there’s no need to ride back to the real world in discomfort when there are perfectly nice showers and restrooms just a few steps away.

I’d love to keep talking about beaches and volleyball and swimming and chilling, but I’ve got to go. Time to load up the Honda and head for Stewart Beach. See ya’ there.

Article written by Rod Evans

A veteran journalist, writer and editor with experience in print, broadcast and online media. I am the former editor in chief of Health & Fitness Sports Magazine in Houston and am currently a freelance writer.