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page title: The Cruise Lady: Out Pullllllleeeeeezzze!
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The Cruise Lady: Out Pullllllleeeeeezzze!

Updated 1161 days ago

OMG! On her most recent cruise, Lorraine stepped into an elevator for a short three floor ride to meet friends (in the bar, of course) – and it became a zoo! On floor 7 she entered joining five passengers – stopping at floor 6, five more persons (one driving a “scooter”) crowded in – and at floor 5, four more literally “shoved” themselves into the already “overstuffed” transport.

By this time, Lorraine was “stuck” into a back corner being “squashed” by a rather large gentleman(?) who was dancing the Cha-Cha on her toes.

The next stop was her “hop-off” point (or so she thought). The doors opened, she politely voiced “out, please” to a mass of persons who had apparently suffered sudden deafness – a louder “out please” was to no avail – and finally another “OUT PLEASE (peppered with semi-mild expletives)” and finally a full two-hand push to the back of “Mr. Cha-Cha” along with a very loud “LET ME OFF THIS (#*^@$*) ELEVATOR NOW!!

Finally, (after several shocked gasps from the others) she made her way out, and turned to the crowd with a “THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LACK OF COMMON COURTESY!”

For Heaven’s sake folks, what has happened to just that? Has no one ever heard of the practice of stepping-off the elevator to allow passengers out and then simply stepping back in?

None of those rude passengers would have missed the “food trough” for 3 seconds of practicing just that! But, I guess Lorraine did give them something to talk about at dinner that evening – LOL!

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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