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page title: Galveston Dining Diva Visits Shrimp 'N Stuff Downtown
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Galveston Dining Diva Visits Shrimp 'N Stuff Downtown

Updated 1424 days ago

A new restaurant in town is always a treat, and this one comes particularly well recommended because of its big sister, Shrimp 'N stuff on Avenue O. Plus, it's downtown! We've heard only good things about this new location so we decided to try it out.

Unique about the new location is the fact that they serve breakfast. There are not many breakfast choices downtown so when we had an errand on a Monday morning, we decided to experience a morning meal there.

The restaurant is beautiful, located in a long-closed former bakery connected to the Washington Hotel building. It is away from the street so you need to know where to look. The renovations are lovely and well done. I was particularly impressed by the dinnerware, which matches the menus! On Monday morning we were the first customers so we had plenty of service attention. Coffee came to us right away, and provided a great start.

The menu has all the standard breakfast items you might want, ranging from the simplest pancakes through seafood 'scrambles'. My companion selected a 'Breakfast Croissant' with fried eggs, grilled ham, chipotle peppers and pepper jack cheese, served with breakfast potatoes. The generous serving arrived on a flaky and buttery croissant, eggs cooked per request, with a spicy flavor and perfectly roasted potatoes. He gave it a definite 'thumbs up' and would have it again. Except that next time he wants the 'Seafood Scramble'.

I decided to try something out of my usual dining routine and throw dietary concerns to the wind. 'Stuffed French Toast' caught my eye, 'stuffed with cream cheese and raspberries and topped with whipped cream'. It arrived as described, but was more a bagel filled with cream cheese and topped with raspberry compote, and not what I would expect of French toast. It had good flavor and was attractively presented, but rather heavy and my expectations were not met. I suggest they consider renaming this dish.

Overall we enjoyed the venue, experienced great service, and were afforded a leisurely breakfast in a beautiful setting. Warm weather will allow outside seating as well. Give it a try. I'm going there for dinner next.

Article written by Galveston Restaurant Review

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