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Historic Hotels Commemorate National Food Days

Updated 1195 days ago

We all know that there is a “National Day” for virtually everything and that many celebrate food. Hotel Galvez & Spa and The Tremont House are embracing the fun by commemorating these national food days with special offers.

Galvez Bar and GrillNational Empanada Day
National Empanada Day is Friday, April 8. In celebration of National Empanada Day, Hotel Galvez’ Galvez Bar & Grill and The Tremont House’ Tremont Café are offering a free Empanada appetizer with the purchase of lunch or dinner. Empanadas are stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables or even seafood and baked or fried. Did you know that the name empanada comes from the Galician, Portuguese and Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread?

National Prime Rib Day
National Prime Rib Day is Wednesday, April 27. During lunch and dinner on April 27 both Galvez Bar & Grill and Tremont Café are offering a special Prime Rib Dinner with an 8 oz. serving of prime rib, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and iced tea for $15. If you’ve ever had the prime rib during Sunday Brunch at Hotel Galvez then you know that you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for #NationalPrimeRibDay.

Tremont CafeNational Hamburger Month
Hotel Galvez & Spa will commemorate National Hamburger Month in May by offering “Buy One Get One Free” traditional and Texas Burgers at Galvez Bar & Grill and its Pool Grill during lunch and dinner. This offer is not available during Memorial Weekend. Hamburgers are served with French fries.

National Shrimp Day
National Shrimp Day is Tuesday, May 10. Tremont Café at The Tremont House is offering “Buy One Get One Free” Shrimp Tacos during lunch and dinner on National Shrimp Day. Tremont Café’s Shrimp Tacos are soft tacos topped with shredded cabbage, Pico de Gallo and Cilantro Cream.

Galvez Bar & Grill is located at Hotel Galvez & Spa, 2024 Seawall Blvd. For advance reservations, book via Open Table.

Tremont Café at The Tremont House is located at 2300 Ship’s Mechanic Row.

Both restaurants offer complimentary valet when dining. Hotel Galvez also has self-parking in its restaurant parking lot on 20th and Avenue P.

Photo 1: Galvez Bar & Grill, Hotel Galvez.  Photo 2: Tremont Cafe, The Tremont House.

Article written by Christine Hopkins

Christine Hopkins was born and raised on beautiful Galveston Island and has worked to promote her hometown in various professional roles during her entire career. She's the Director of Communications for the Hotel Galvez & Spa® and The Tremont House, both Wyndham Grand® Hotels, and Harbor House Hotel & Marina. She's proud to call Galveston home and loves island living.

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