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The Cruise Lady: Turn-Around Day

Updated 710 days ago

Ever noticed on a cruise how some passengers will “grouse” about being asked to be out of their rooms early on arrival day? Maybe they don’t understand what is going on “behind the scenes” while they sit comfortably in public areas waiting to debark.

Let’s use Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas – a 5,000 passenger “mega ship” as an example. With some 2,500 cabins, it’s the equivalent of checking-out every guest at the Harrah's in Las Vegas after breakfast, restocking the ship stores (with often over 20 trucks offloading goods that must be checked and put away), thousands of pieces of luggage must be unloaded (making room for thousands more to be loaded) every cabin must be cleaned, every bed stripped, and linens and towels replaced.

This is going on while the galley is busy not only cleaning after breakfast, but preparing lunch and readying the dining venues for arriving passengers. Hundreds of galley hands are busy baking fresh breads, and the chef is directing preparations for dinner for thousands that evening.

While departing guests are retrieving luggage and clearing customs, shore personnel are already busy checking-in thousands of new guests, getting them boarded and settled (if cabins are not available when you board, chill out – housekeeping has been a bit busy) – and crew members are receiving and arranging thousands of oncoming pieces of luggage for room delivery.

The amazing thing? All of this is “pulled off” in a matter of what is often a mere SIX TO EIGHT HOURS!

To see a “turn around day” in live streaming video, log on to cruise webcam. It’s not only fascinating and informative, but may give you a newfound respect for just how much work, planning and scheduling goes into a sailing.

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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