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page title: Katie's Seafood Becomes Household Name with New Show
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Katie's Seafood Becomes Household Name with New Show

Updated 1236 days ago

Things are jumping at Katie’s Seafood Market in Galveston – and it’s not just the flopping fish.

The family owned business has been a hotbed of activity since “Big Fish, Texas” debuted this month on the National Geographic Channel. The show follows Galveston’s Guindon clan as they try to keep Katie’s growing and thriving at all costs.

Here’s what Bill Reichenbach, a 35-year employee of the market, had to say about the show’s impact on the tiny business located on Pier 19:

It’s been real busy. A lot of Galvestonians know us, but lot of people didn’t know we were down here and everything, and they see the show. It’s going to make it (business) a whole lot better and easier.

The show’s producers describe the show on the National Geographic website.

A hometown enterprise built on land and at sea, Katie’s challenges appear from all sides and this tight knit group takes on all corners. On the water, they battle against long days, even longer nights, a sea full of predators, and Mother Nature’s whims.

At home base, they struggle to juggle surpluses, shortages, and orders while also processing a quarter of the Gulf’s deep-water fish and spearheading initiatives to preserve the fishery.

But no matter how busy the business keeps them, at the end of the day this is a family built on old-fashioned values, and they never miss an opportunity to get together for a good laugh and a home-cooked meal.

Mandy Pier, a salesperson at Katie’s, said that curious onlookers stop by on a daily basis to snap photos and get a peek at the real-life show set.

People are walking by all the time coming in and saying, ‘Hey we saw you on TV.’ They’re just excited. I think a lot of islanders feel that they’re a part of the business too, because it’s their island.

Meanwhile, telephones are ringing off the hook and cash registers are going Ka-ching with people placing orders from across the country, said Pier, a two-year employee of Katie’s. She put it like this:

For example, we did (sales) on a Saturday in what would normally be the off-season and non-tourist season. It was just like it’s tourist season or spring break. It was really busy, very busy.

Locals have always known how special this little island gem by the sea is to their laidback lifestyles. Now the rest of the world gets to know, too.

Thank you, Katie’s and National Geographic, for helping to put Galveston on the national map.

Article written by Robert Stanton - Isle Guy