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page title: The Debate Is Over: The Margarita Was Invented In Galveston
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The Debate Is Over: The Margarita Was Invented In Galveston

Updated 487 days ago

The inspiration for this margarita story was Robert Stanton's, Galveston: An Island of Firsts. Robert referenced Bob’s Galveston Island Reader, which was originally published in 1983. In Texas, Galveston had the first custom house, post office, opera house, and the list goes on and on.

Margarita Post

But, what about the Margarita?

I’ve always heard that the Margarita was invented at The Balinese Room by Santos Cruz for singer Peggy Lee. 

A while back, I noticed this Facebook post that my friend Jack Morris, owner of  Third Coast Gallery, shared that stirred up the debate. What’s this about Paco’s in Taxco, Mexico?


So, I did some Googling. We have lots of competition for that title!

Smithsonian Magazine ran an article that discusses Carlos "Danny" Herrera, who claimed to have created the drink in a Tijuana restaurant. They then referenced another source that claims Dia Blue of Jose Cuervo Tequila fame invented it. Even a Texan was mentioned:  Margarita Sames, a Dallas socialite. But, what about our Santos Cruz?

Feeling hopeful, I found a story by Texas Monthly. Surely, they would get it right! Right?

Nope. They go on and on about some guy, Pancho Morales, who drives a milk truck in El Paso.  He claims to have invented it in 1942.

And, then I stumbled upon Wikipedia. Woohoo! At least Santos Cruz from Galveston got a mention.

I don't know who this merry band of narcissists are, and why the tequila and lime laced spotlight is on them. For me, the proof is clear. 110 proof like a good bottle of tequila.

As an Islander, I will proudly boast that Santos Cruz of Galveston Island, Texas invented the Margarita.

I dare you to prove me wrong. Give me your best salty shot. There's a comment box below.

Article written by Lee Roane

Lee Roane is President of & Company and occasionally is inspired to write a blog.

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