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Smoky Perfection Rules at Bahia Oaks Island BBQ & Beer

Updated 1218 days ago

The Texas sun is starting to peek through the clouds and it is time to make a drive down the seawall! Let me clue you into a tasty new flavor destination on the west end: Bahia BBQ Oaks Island BBQ & Beer. Located at the famous or infamous "Bunny Ranch" on at 12410 Stewart Road, the smoked meats served up by owner Kevin Peters is worth the trip.

The Perfect Rib

You can't be a Texan and not be a Rib Connoisseur. Owner Kevin Peters has a long family history of making the pit rock and it shows in each delicious bite. On the day I visited, their ribs were perfectly smoked, as evidenced by a generous smoke ring, surrounding fork tender buttery pork. The homemade "secret sauce" is slightly tangy, without a lot of unnecessary sweetness or heat.

When you bite into the ribs at Bahia Oaks, you're taking advantage of years of championship competition. "This started as a hobby," said Peters. "My wife and I were on several cook teams that won a number of local competitions."

Their other smoked meats are also delicious. Their brisket is extremely moist and stands on its own with or without sauce. Their smoked turkey is also extremely moist, while retaining a surprising level of smoky taste. Once again, you can leave the sauce on the side, put a few pieces between fresh bread and dig right in. Bahia Oaks offers a variety of succulent meats including chicken, pork and jalapeño sausage, and pulled pork.

The key to the moist and juicy meats are a product of the skill of Peters and his crew: "We use a special dry rub and we smoke meats as long as 10 hours," said Peters.

The sides include a super crispy cole slaw soaked in a creamy sauce that doesn't overpower the freshness of the cabbage blend. Additional sides include Baked Potato loaded or "super loaded" with tender chopped smoky beef, potato salad and pinto beans.

BBQ lovers can take advantage of inside seating or patio seating with a scenic view. Moreover, all of this great food can be washed down with cold beer, wine, tea or soft drinks. Desserts are chosen daily and can include a luxurious cheese cake or pumpkin pie. Bahia is a great place to bring family and friends because of the good food at very reasonable prices.

West End residents Darren and Zane Seigel have already discovered this hidden treasure. "They have the best ribs," said Seigel.

Spring has sprung. It's time to make the drive, enjoy the view and head to Bahia Oaks Island BBQ. Discover Texas BBQ at its best!

Bahia Oaks Island BBQ
12401 Stewart Road
Galveston, Texas
(409) 443-5122

Winter Hours

Thursday: 11 am-8 pm
Friday: 11 am-8 pm
Sat-Sunday: 11:00 am-8 pm
Monday: 11 am-8 pm
Tuesday-Wednesday: Closed

Article written by Marsha Wilson-Rappaport

Marsha Wilson Rappaport is a local author and free-lance writer.

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