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page title: The Cruise Lady: Lost at Sea!
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The Cruise Lady: Lost at Sea!

Updated 1217 days ago

Well, not really. But, that’s what it seemed like to Lorraine on a recent cruise. After sailing the same class of ships numerous times, she thought she had become too “comfortable” – always booking the same location – forward starboard.

It was familiar (perhaps too familiar) but convenient to all her favorite haunts (the coffee bar – the cigar lounge (where all her “cruise buddies” would congregate) but quite frankly, was becoming a bit of a snooze. Hum! It was time for change, and just at the perfect time, too!

RCL was introducing a new ship to the Port of Galveston. Of course, Lorraine had to sail the inaugural nine nights in the Caribbean. But this time, booked a rear port location. “No big deal,” she thought – same class of ship (but 92 feet longer) and her “haunts” were not necessarily in the same locations anyway, so why not?

Why not? Because she was hopelessly lost – at least for the first couple of days. Nothing was familiar from her new vantage point – the bow was at the aft and the aft was at the bow, even her cabin layout was reversed. It was like starting all over – LOL!

Well, guess turned out to be a most pleasant change. Since the ship was longer, what would have been previously considered “aft” for the same class was actually more mid-ship, conveniently close, but not too close to the elevators, right above the coffee bar, which was above the main lounge (accessible to a quiet outdoor deck area), and above the dining room. Wow! Lorraine found a new “corner of the world.”

Needless to say, she onboard-booked for April – same location! Instead of being “lost at sea” – she’ll be in her “new comfort zone at sea” – well, at least until it gets too “comfortable” – LOL!

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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