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page title: 10 Ways to Tell a Galvestonian
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10 Ways to Tell a Galvestonian

Updated 500 days ago

  1. We smile at each other and at strangers (because we’re happy to live on such a beautiful island).
  2. We start conversations with unknown folk at the grocery store (especially in the vegetable department where we might ask, “What is that?” or “How do you cook that?”
  3. We take all the back streets on the weekends and when there are special events (and we don’t share this information).
  4. We buy our seafood on the wharf.
  5. We drive sensibly (no road rage here).
  6. No matter where we’re going we manage to drive down the Seawall (just to see what the water looks like today).
  7. We know about the skeletons in people’s closets (but we keep it to ourselves).
  8. We love our politics and don’t mind sharing our opinion (especially when we are opposed to something).
  9. Ask a Galvestonian, “When was the last time you went swimming in the Gulf?” The answer might surprise you.
  10. When we travel we are happy to cross the Causeway to return to the beautiful sight of the island we call home.
Article written by Robert Stanton - Isle Guy

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