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Updated 792 days ago

The 2015 Austin Film Festival brought famous faces and a slew of new films to preview before they hit theaters this fall. Oscar nominee and social media star James Franco had three films in the festival.  I caught up with him to talk about Memoria, a film based on a short story he wrote about a classmate.

The Austin Festival really focuses on the art of the screenwriter and can provide a launching pad for films who haven’t been purchased by a distributor. Memoria was snapped up for distribution within three hours of its world premiere in Austin.

Of course, there are films hoping to continue their award season push by making their regional or Texas premieres, like Brooklyn staring Ser-Sha Ronan, who's currently leading the best actress race. I’ll be talking a lot more about Brooklyn on Flix Fix when it hits theaters November 20th.

More mainstream films at the festival - like the Chilian miner rescue movie, The 33 - or the cancer friendship film, Miss You Already, didn’t get the turnout of the smaller films like Last Days in the Desert, where Ewan McGregor portrays Jesus in an imagined story of His encounters during the 40 days of fasting.

I did have the opportunity to speak with Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper, who you know from August Osage County or Seabiscuit,  on his new film, also getting its world premiere.  In it, he plays reclusive author JD Salinger.

The film is called Coming Through the Rye, based on the director’s experience meeting the famous author. You can see more of my interviews with Chris Cooper & James Franco at, and follow me on Facebook & Twitter for all the film festival movie reviews.

Article written by Dustin Chase

Dustin is an arts & entertainment blogger for & Company, and Film Editor for Galveston-based Texas Art & Film.