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page title: Stay Safe While Having Fun at the Beach
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Stay Safe While Having Fun at the Beach

Updated 1424 days ago

There’s nothing like spending a warm, sunny day cooling off at the beach. But while this summer pastime is loads of fun, it can also be dangerous if the right precautions aren’t taken. That’s why the Galveston Island Beach Patrol is reminding the public of the following safety tips:

  • Avoid Rip Currents – Stay away from rock jetties and piers
  • Swim Near A Lifeguard
  • Never Swim Alone
  • Do Not Dive in Headfirst
  • Obey Warning Signs and Flags
  • Take Sun and Heat Precautions

Every day, the Beach Patrol raises flags that signal the condition of the water. Heed the warnings:

  • Green flag: Conditions are calm. Swim with care.
  • Yellow flag: Caution should be used when entering the water and swimmers should stay alert.
  • Red flag: Swimmers should stay in water no more than waist deep and children should be kept along the surf line. Red flags are flown when conditions are out of the ordinary, such as large surf and strong currents and winds.
  • Purple flag: Watch for hazardous marine life.
  • Orange flag: Water or air-quality warning.

A visit to Galveston’s beaches should be really fun. Follow these safety guidelines and enjoy your visit to the coast!

If you’d like more information on beach safety, visit the Galveston Island Beach Patrol’s website at

Article written by Mary Beth Bassett

Mary Beth is a public relations coordinator at the Galveston CVB and Park Board with a focus on the beaches and nature tourism. She has lived in Galveston for ten years.

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