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Description: A must see area for all birders. When conditions are right one can enjoy vast numbers and variety of birds without leaving the car. It's a great “easy viewing” area for beginning birders.

Directions: Go east on Seawall, past Ferry Rd, scan the East Lagoon Preserve parallel on the right. Turn right on Boddeker Dr. proceed south, bird both sides of the road which runs through Big Reef Nature Park. Continue south to East beach (at times there will be a fee to enter the beach). Drive east on the beach and park by the bollards, then walk to the jetty.

Tips: East Lagoon, a good area to find cormorants, egrets, herons, ibis, etc. The beach/grass and pond areas along Boddeker Dr. are favorite resting areas for black skimmers, gulls, terns, and rails and bitterns in season etc. In season, the protected Piping Plover frequent the East beach beyond the bollards and it's a nesting area for Least Terns.

Habitat Types: Beach, Jetty, Marine

Typical Bird Types: Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, Ibis, Seagulls, Waders, Terns, Black Skimmers, Rails, Bitterns, Shorebirds

Birding View Locations: Cross beach to jetty.

Parking: Parking on Beach

Fee: Yes, $8 per car.

A detailed description of top birding areas, a map and seasonal checklist of species sighted are included in the Great Birding In and Around Galveston Island brochure, available here for download.