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Smooth Tony's Patio & Grill
415 9th St.
GalvestonTX 77550
Phone: (409)765-5200

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Photo "At the Corner of 9th & Post Office"
There is a hidden treasure in the University Area in the heart of the East End of Galveston. Tony Gonzalez' Smooth Tony's Patio and Grill features a "Backyard" experience that has been described as New Orleans meets Austin.

"Rhythm and Wine"
Live music is playing, great wine and food is being served, in a tropical backyard patio that welcomes all who enter with eclectic visual delights. Scrolled ironwork, copper art, and whimsical fountains situated among lush tropical plants create a memorable island refuge. A cool breezy attitude prevails and the most relaxing place on the Island, beckons the locals and visitors alike to escape behind the decorated orange-hued walls and stay much longer than intended. Couple that with the best "family-style" service and you have a hit.

Tony's brother Willie and his band "The Line Up" can be heard playing on the patio stage along with other local musicians, mostly jazz and acoustics. On occasion you can even hear Tony's Dad playing Spanish Music on the guitar. Not to be outdone, Tony's sister Ingrid belts out some great songs on stage as well.

"Smooth Tony's"
16 years ago Tony Gonzalez built, with the help of his family, Galveston Island's first juice and smoothie bar. Tony Gonzalez, a BOI, was determined to deliver the best products and best services on the Island. It's clear that Tony has succeeded. Smooth Tony's has matured and grown into one of the Island's "can't miss" spots.

"The Family"
Tony Gonzalez admits that he could not have grown and thrived without his family's support. Five brothers, Jesse, Juan, Tino, Alex, Willy and sister Ingrid have been a big part of his life and have participated, encouraged and supported Tony throughout his life. Thankful for his family's involvement, Gonzalez admits that Smooth Tony's has thrived because of the unending support he has received from his mother, sister Ingrid, brothers and entire family throughout the years.

"The Team"
Isias Amaya joined Smooth Tony's in 1998 and has been perfecting the unique menu recipes since and he still strives to be the best.

Sarah Jenkins joined Tony just a couple of years ago as General Manager and the chemistry and results were unbelievable. Sarah keeps the place running smoothly with a relaxed and sincere attitude while training new service staff and always trying to make Smooth Tony's a great experience. They collaborate on new ideas and as a result Smooth Tony's expanded to offer more dining services Wednesday through Friday evenings.

Ironically, a serendipitous introduction inspired founder, Tony Gonzalez, to create Smooth Tony's, a construction worker at the time, was contracted in 1995 to repair the porch of the 1890-built Baker residence. When the elderly Mrs. Baker died a few months later, the family contacted Gonzalez to see if he was interested in purchasing the residence. "Why not?" thought Tony, and his vision began. He was initially drawn to the weathered structure by its rich history, including a 40-year stint as home of Baker's Barber Shop, a favorite among UTMB students and employees between the years of 1944 and 1984. Today, a red and white striped barber pole in the front flowerbed serves as a reminder of those gentler days gone by.

After purchasing the building, research trips to California and Monterey, Mexico provided Gonzalez with inspiration for his new venture. He immediately picked up on the California smoothie trend and decided to bring the concept to Galveston Island. "I had never heard of the term smoothie before", said Tony "but tasted many while I was out there and quickly realized its popularity and equivalence to the Spanish Liquado." With his determined attitude, Tony quickly set about creating the freshest signature smoothies this side of the West Coast. "In 1998, my mother took a seed from one of the juiced oranges and gave me back a foot-tall orange tree that she patiently nurtured. Not expecting much to happen, I planted it out back" Tony reminisces. That same orange tree has grown to new heights (likely 20' tall) and now takes center stage in the Backyard patio.

In the early days, little did he know that his plans to run a humble smoothie business would blossom over sixteen years into a much grander reality. Less than a year after he opened, customers began to request sandwiches, burgers and other lunch items. "If I was going to expand, I didn't want just any burger, I wanted the best burger. Then I remembered the most amazing burger I had ever eaten was at Christie's Beachcomber on Stewart Beach," said Tony. At once, Gonzalez was on the phone trying to locate the original maker of that awesome burger. He succeeded in locating chef Isias Amaya and the rest is history.

Throughout the past sixteen years, Smooth Tony's has gradually added new menu selections and has grown up to become a local hotspot known for its fish tacos, delicious wraps, salads, pulled pork sandwiches, and of course those famous burgers, as well as a diverse list of fine wines and beers. And yes, they still make those unforgettable smoothies. Most recently, extended hours on Wednesday through Friday nights have made Smooth Tony's a welcome attraction to Galveston's evening scene, enabling friends to enjoy a leisurely spot for great food, wine and relaxation with superb background music. Every Thursday and Friday night, the backyard patio is home to live bands--mostly jazz and blues--with all the friendliness, warmth, and energy of a neighborhood block party.

"Our Wednesday night Wine and Wag has become a popular hit, an evening for patrons to bring their canine friend along to enjoy the patio" notes Gonzalez.

While you are listening to the laid-back rhythm and dining al fresco, notice the extraordinary architectural décor mixed among the tropical foliage. Over the past eight years, Tony has expertly handcrafted the entire grounds with his copper art and recycled architectural finds, a pastime he truly loves. "To find an object and transform it into something everyone can appreciate" is the driving force behind his passion. It seems Tony has taken that very same approach to developing Smooth Tony's over the years…patience, time, nurturing and a strong desire to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where friends and family can meet.

Gonzalez completely refurbished a tired apartment complex for the newest kid on the block, Hey Mikey's Ice Cream. Hey Mikey's features delicious homemade ice cream specialties and frozen ice treats. Smooth Tony's, 901 Post Office, and Hey Mikey's have helped breathe new energy into Galveston's East End. Recently dubbed "The Corner at 9th and Post Office ", this new venue has rapidly become a popular destination for leisurely lunches and lively evening getaways.

Smooth Tony's is open five days a week and is also available to host Island style reunions, private parties and wedding rehearsals. Contact Tony Gonzalez t 409-765-5200. "This is Just the Beginning, Not the end"

Hours of Operation
Monday - Wednesday: 10:30am - 2:30pm
Thursday & Friday: 10:30am - 9pm
Saturday: 10:30 - 2:30pm
Closed Sunday.

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.

Payments Accepted
American Express



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