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Galveston's newest Party Boat

Now Celebrating Our 66th Year

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Williams Boat Service, LLC, at Pier 19 in Galveston announces that the new boat has arrived. Third generation owner, Capt. Johnny Williams has named the boat in honor and memory of his dad, Capt. John H. Williams.

The Capt. John is a 75 foot long by 27 foot wide all aluminum catamaran. It is Galveston's fastest and most modern party boat. Its cruising speed is around 22 knots (25 mph) when fully loaded. The extended operating range available on day trips, with its great speed, will enable the Capt. John to fish additional areas that are not presently accessible. Day trips will take up to 83 fishermen offshore, while extended length trips of 36 hours to 60 hours will be able to accommodate up to 40. Bunks for the 40 fishermen make these overnight trips a comfortable reality.

The Capt. John was built by GEO Shipyard in New Iberia, Louisiana, and was designed by Schuller & Allan, Inc., Houston, using state of the art catamaran hull design technology to ensure comfort and safety. Two seven hundred horsepower turbo-diesel engines by Lugger are the power plants driving the Capt. John. Two 33 kilowatt Northern Lights generators supply the electrical power. For night fishing, the Capt. John has numerous mid-level outside lights, not to light the decks - the standard deck lights take care of that, but to attract baitfish into the water around the boat, then they will attract the tuna, etc. The cabin has dual air conditioners, insuring a comfortable atmosphere even on the hottest days. The upper deck, with its bench seating, provides an area for resting and sightseeing. A full service, dual microwave snack bar is located inside the cabin. A full electronics package for your safety and to aid the Captain to locate the fishing spots includes two radars, two bottom sonar machines, three radios, global positioning system and a weather fax for the latest weather updates, all supplied by Dorsey Electronics in South Houston. These items, along with the required structural changes, enables the Capt. John to be Coast Guard rated for a maximum range of 200 nautical miles offshore. Each fishing spot also has its own rod holder, and convenient bait trays are around the inside perimeter of the lower rail. Fish cooler boxes, built into the outside bench seating, assist in keeping your catch fresh.

The Capt. John is a beautiful, efficient fishing machine we are all going to enjoy for many years.

Make your reservations on the Capt. John today for an offshore fishing experience you will never forget.

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